Myths, legends, spiritual teachings about medicine or spirit wheels, gateways, airts, quarter and cross-quarter energies, etc., have passed through generations of many different indigenous cultures. The mystic gates of this fictional series specifically focus on the energies of the “cardinal” directions, and are born from a fusion of the Celtic spirit wheel, “Old Forest” craft traditionsand the Adawee gateways of the Cherokee peoples.​ Though these different cultures vary in their teachings about directional energies, there are many uniting aspects. 

     In this fictional book series, each gate or threshold aligns with an element (one of air, fire, water, or earth), with one of the phases of the moon (dead, waxing, full, or waning), with the “seasonal” cyclic shifts along the Wheel of the Year, and with the “winds,” or energies, of its cardinal direction (East, South, West, or North). 
     To enter through one of these gates, you will need to discover its
key. As you search for each key, a riddle for it unfolds within that gate’s story. This riddle is the clue that can help you find the key, open its gate, and access teachings from the Mystic Gates series’ ancient grimoire, The Book of Gates

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These ancient pages will appear blank until you unlock my keys. . . . . . . . . . . 

     The Book of Gates holds many secrets and magicks. However, since it is imbued with its own magical powers, it can choose to teach you, or not. If you want to be chosen, and if you want it to continue teaching you, you must first and always abide by its Sacred Creed:

“I may do as I want as I will as I feel, but may harm none
—neither here and now, nor then and there, nor in the coming of time anew—
for I am of it All as it All is of the One,
and you are in me as I am in you.

What I give to the world, be it kindness or pain
—what I do with intent, be it harm or humane—
will return to me with the force of three,
be it three times the love or three times the pain.”

     The Mystic Gates are illusive, non-ordinary, non-physical thresholds.

They exist in the “other" realms, can be 

accessed through “liminal " spaces ... those spaces in-between the seen and unseen worlds, in-between night and day — like

dusk or dawn, in-between the cyclic shifts

of the Wheel of the Year, in-between logic and fantasy ... the “in-betweens," where

your magical journey begins.

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       Beware of those who covet this grimoire. Some have only heard of it whispered through the trees. They let nothing stop them from their eternal quest. Others have at one time held it close to their hearts, but it abandoned them, for they broke its Sacred Creed. They sacrifice all who get in their way to reclaim it once again.

       But, The Book of Gates cannot be claimed.

       In Book 1, 
Dead Moon Awakens, you followed the main characters Aishling, Lance, Morrigan, and Kelile as they discovered the Mystic East Gate riddle:

The broken, tattered path
of wretched twists and turns,
deceits and betrayals,
entanglements and burns,
begins transformation
once freedom wakes and churns,
when time’s flower blossoms,
and truth is what one yearns.
As the closed is opened,
a treasured link returns.
Then knowing remembers;
the key one seeks one learns.
One’s heart at last may grieve, and Shadowkin adjourns.

        Did you figure out, along with Aishling, the
East Gate key? If so, you’ll be able to find that key hidden on this website. This key acts as a portal. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to The Book of Gates, and you may begin your journey. However, until you have unlocked all of the gates, you will only be able to “glimpse”​ some of the enchantments and magickal teachings for only the East Gate.

What are the Mystic Gates?