Character profile for Morrigan Shae MacAuley:

     The Gaelic name, Morrigan, means great queen and nightmare or phantom queen. She was named after the Celtic goddess of battle, prophecy and death. Her middle name, Shae, is Gaelic and means supplanter or uses underhanded tactics. Shae was also her grandmother’s first name. Her last name, MacAuley, is Gaelic and means illusion or son of phantom.

     In numerology, each letter of the alphabet represents a number, and when the numbers for the name Morrigan Shae MacAuley are added together to determine her personal expression or destiny number, the sum is 11. Having the same destiny number as Aishling, she too is very psychic and intuitive.

     She was born during the Celtic Tree Month of “Reed” (October 28-November 23). Though not a tree, the Reed was revered by the Celts for many reasons. The Reed Tree Month concerns the hidden roots to all of life and the mysteries of death. The Reed is also symbolic of royalty.

     Brief astrological information:  Morrigan was born at home in Silva, North Carolina, on November 16, 1977. Her Sun and Venus are in Scorpio, her Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Sagittarius, and Mars in Leo. She’s ambitious, secretive, resourceful and unrelenting in obtaining what she wants. There is always more to her than what appears, and she tends to dominate and control others. Yet, she can show amazing kindness and loyalty to those she truly cares about. 

​​Character profile for Aishling Bran O'Brian:
       The Gaelic name, Aishling, means dream or one who dreams. Aishling is also the name for a dream-state brought about by faeries. Her middle name, Bran, is Welsh and means raven. She was named after Bran, the Celtic god of regeneration, but her middle name also contains part of her grandmother’s name, Branwen. Additionally, her middle name reveals that she is a member of the Raven family, a subdivision of the Cherokee Bird Clan. (Aishling is not only of Irish descent; she is part Cherokee.) Her last name, O’Brian, is Gaelic and means high, noble or exalted one.
numerology, each letter of the alphabet represents a number; and when the numbers for the name Aishling Bran O’Brian are added together to determine her personal expression or destiny number, the sum is the number 11. She is very psychic, intuitive, and a dreamer. She is also spiritual, idealistic, and inspirational.
        She was born during the Celtic Tree Month of “Ash” (February 18-March 20). The Ash tree is the tree of enchantment. It can guide you in and out of your dreams as well as in and out of all the worlds of existence.
        Brief astrological information: Aishling was born at home in Robbinsville, North Carolina, on March 9, 1978. Her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all fall under the sign of Pisces. She’s highly psychic, compassionate, and sensitive, but she can easily be misled since she wants​ to believe the best about others. Most people are unaware of her inner strength because she appears to be timid. However, she is the quiet warrior, and will sacrifice herself for family, friends, and humanitarian reasons.

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Character profile for Kelile Manannan King:

     The African name, Kelile, means protector or my protector. His middle name, Manannan, contains his grandmother’s first name, Ann. His middle name is also the name of the Irish god, Manannan mac Lir - Manannan, Son of the Sea. (The Arabic form of the name, Mannan, means benevolent.) His English last name, King, means monarch. Kelile is a “Black Cherokee” whose lineage traces back to an escaped African slave who was ultimately adopted by the Cherokee and married into the tribe after first having been captured and enslaved by them.

     In numerology, each letter of the alphabet represents a number, and when the numbers for the name Kelile Manannan King are added together to determine his personal expression or destiny number, the sum is the number 5. He is a visionary, and can motivate people with his words. He’s clever, friendly, adventurous, but impulsive and impatient, and can overreact if he senses his freedom is being restricted.

     Kelile was born during the Celtic Tree Month of “Rowan” (January 21-February 17). The Rowan tree-or Mountain Ash-is considered a protective tree and was found at sacred sites in the Celtic lands.

     Brief astrological information: Kelile was born at home in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on February 15, 1977. His Sun, Mercury, and Mars fall under the sign of Aquarius. His Moon is in Capricorn. He can often be self-centered and boastful, and will go his own way regardless of what anyone else thinks. He’s witty, impulsive, and a quick thinker. Beyond ordinary, he is a visionary, and a fierce protector of his family and close friends. 

Character profile for Lance Ian Reynard:

     The Germanic name, Lance, means protector of territory. The English version of his first name means God-like and servant. His middle name, Ian, is Scottish and means gift from God. His grandmother’s first name was Iana, so his middle name takes the male version. Reynard is also Germanic and means brave counsel. His initials spell Lir, who is the Celtic sea god, and father of Manannan mac Lir. (His “Cherokee” name will be revealed in Book 2.)

     In numerology, each letter of the alphabet represents a number, and when the numbers for the name Lance Ian Reynard are added together to determine his personal expression or destiny number, the sum is 9. The main characteristics of this number are: humanitarian, idealistic and compassionate. He is highly creative, selfless and his family and close friends are extremely important to him.

     He was born during the Celtic Tree Month of “Oak” (June 10-July 7). The Oak is the tree of courage, inner strength and self-determination.

     Brief astrological information: Lance was born at home in Cherokee, North Carolina, on June 23, 1977. His Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Gemini, and Mars and Venus in Taurus. He’s caring, intuitive, tenacious in his viewpoints, and can often be “crabby.” He’s “down to earth,” and can be quite skeptical and analytical. He is both nurturing and fiercely protective of family and friends.

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