Book 1 holds the “key” to the Mystic East Gate

Excerpts of Amazon reviews from verified purchasers:

“I started the book this morning and could not put it down. Finished it this afternoon. Can’t wait for book 2. ...”

“I loved this book. ... I find myself missing the characters and wanting to read more about them.”

​​​“... Ms. Jackson is a descriptive writer - a wordsmith who paints pictures of her western North Carolina settings and the Appalachian Trail. ...”

“A well written story about 4 teens and their adventures. It pulls cultures together with descriptive language that keeps you involved and eager for the next chapter. ...”

​​“... Dead Moon Awakens is a fun read. ... By the last page, the reader is left looking forward to Ms. Jackson’s next book. ...”


Moon phase for Book 1 - Waxing

“Under a waxing moon—when dead moon awakens—Goddess becomes maiden swelling with light.

This is the time of the Mystic East Gate . . . a time when the magick of Goddess revives.

This is the time for new beginnings, new friendships, new powers . . . a time when a shattered soul may be reborn.”

The Book of Gates


There are those who will do anything to capture the talisman...

        Aishling’s mother vanished on Halloween, 1989. It’s been sixteen months, and she can’t convince those at the Home Ma is alive. She’s running out of time. Soon, they’ll place her somewhere else. Ma would never find her then.
        The only thing she remembers about that night is something she can’t reveal. Another secret she can’t reveal? Ma is a Celtic witch.
        Her “gift” of prophetic dreaming also vanished that Halloween, until last night’s dream. Now, an enormous, horned serpent dangles in her sleepy memory.
        When Morrigan, Lance, and Kelile arrive at the Home, she recognizes them. From where? Propelled by individual quests, the combative, diverse teens escape the Home. During their perilous trek through the mountainous backwoods of North Carolina, some of her dormant abilities awaken. But she needs more than magic to survive. She needs the others.
        She dreams of the monstrous snake again and discovers the others have too. Lance explains they are dreaming about a Cherokee mythical dragon-serpent and its all-powerful, magical talisman. Why is she dreaming of it? Why are the others? And what does it have to do with her mother?
        Aishling must face her greatest fears, uncover a heart-rending truth, and make a dreadful choice to find out.

Inside Dead Moon Awakens:


Dead Moon Awakens, a tale of Cherokee myth and Celtic magic

Book 1 of the  Mystic Gates  young adult fiction series