Book 2 holds the “key” to the Mystic South Gate

Smothered by Mother Moon
Book 2 of the magical realism series . . . 
Mystic Gates 

Moon phase for Book 2 - Full 

“Under a full moon—when the stars are smothered by mother moon —Goddess

births her abounding powers.

This is the time of the Mystic South Gate . . .

a time when the magick of Goddess blazes.

This is the time when spirit stirs one’s heart, one’s dreams, one’s magick . . .

a time when one may once again alight their soul with the song of fire.” 

The Book of Gates

     The story of the thirteenth generation of Ulunsuti Holders continues with Smothered by Mother Moon. In Book 2, Aishling and her friends, Kelile, Morrigan, and Lance, struggle to come together again and search for the magical talisman. But now, each of them harbors a secret, a secret the others can never discover.

     Below you’ll find the riddle from Book 2:

Deep within the shadows 
in the quiet of night
lurks a dark betrayal
 that’s cloaked at morning’s light.

 The truth may not be seen
 while masked by false delight.
 But when a soul is cold,
 truth departs from sight.

 South’s key is the kindling
 to help one’s soul ignite.
 Once afire, hot enough
 to glow a pure, bright white . . .

Shadowkin unravels and fears its coming plight.