In Book 1, Dead Moon Awakens, Aishling discovers a symbol from the Ogham (O-ham) Tree Alphabet. As explained in the Mystic Gates Glossary, the symbols in the Ogham Tree Alphabet encapsulate the “essence and energy” of certain trees. Because it was forbidden for Druids to convey their spiritual and magickal teachings through the written word, they used symbols.
     Each symbol triggers a pathway for the subconscious mind to travel upon, wherein it collects a certain “knowingness” and returns this information to the conscious mind for processing. Yet, before one could understand the information s/he is receiving, s/he would need to have a deep connection with and understanding of the symbol’s specific tree.
     Look at the picture to the right. Do you know what tree it is?

     A Druid would not only know what type of tree it is, but would also know how it develops and cycles through the seasons, how old it is, what creatures like to inhabit the tree, whether it is healthy or not, what medicinal purposes its bark or leaves could be used for, and much more. But, this is only part of the knowledge a Druid would have. After learning about the tree in a physical sense, s/he would also commune with the tree and form a deep spiritual bond with it. Thus, s/he would begin to truly understand its essence. All of this understanding forms the “block” of information and energy that could be transmitted through the tree’s Ogham symbol.
    Here is the symbol and the symbol name for the above tree:


By the way, the tree pictured above is the mighty Oak. How much do you know about this tree?

     By using the Ogham Tree Alphabet, Druids could secretly communicate with each other, transmit a large block of information, add a strengthening pathway and will (or certain intention) to the magick they conjured, or divine the future based upon interpretation of the received Ogham symbol.
     So, what we may consider magic and supernatural was, for the Druids, a natural ability because of their profound connection and spiritual communion with nature, in this case with the trees.
     Nowadays, these ancient symbols are still used for magickal purposes or spellwork, and for divination.

Is there such a thing as symbol magick?